Road to salvation


If you are to benefit from Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross of Calvary then there are three necessary steps to be taken. If these steps are taken with sincerity then you will become an individual in right standing with God, in other words a Christian. 

  • You must acknowledge that you are a sinner and became so through free and personal choice and, as such, you are helpless to remedy the situation (Isaiah 59:2; Romans 3:23 & Romans 5:12).
  • You must believe that Jesus Christ died on the Cross to be the very Saviour you have just admitted needing (Galatians 2:20 & I Peter 3:18).
  • You must come to Christ and claim your personal share of what He did for everybody. He died to be the Saviour of all who would call to Him (Revelation 3:20). 


Becoming a Christian, in the true Bible sense, does have its implications. The Lord Jesus Christ constantly discouraged people from following Him if they were in danger of being swept up in emotionalism. He urged them not to make such a decision until they had counted the cost involved. There are rich and wonderful compensations in sincerely serving Christ, but there is also a price to be paid. So, what are the demands that Christ will make upon you, both at the time of accepting Him, and afterwards?

1)     You must repent of your sins (Mark 1:15). The faith that accepts Christ must be accompanied by the repentance that rejects sin. Repentance implies understanding the nature of sin and the acknowledgement that those who practice sin deserve the judgement of God. In this regard God is absolutely right and the sinner is absolutely wrong.

2)     You must surrender to Christ for He wants to be Lord as well as Saviour. To live successfully for Him you will need to consult Him before every decision, pray constantly about your career etc. and live in ongoing obedience to His will (Mark 8:34) as revealed in the Bible (the Word of God).

3)     You must become a witness of Christ before all. A true Christian cannot be a secret disciple. If you take the decision to serve Him, you must be prepared to tell someone about it. Furthermore, your lifestyle must show your allegiance to Christ (Matthew 10:32&33).


If you have clearly understood what Christ accomplished on the Cross and have considered carefully the demands that Jesus makes, there is nothing to stop you becoming a Christian. 

If you are ready, then all you need to do is pray something like the suggested prayer of faith below: 

Lord Jesus Christ, I humbly acknowledge that I have willfully sinned in my thoughts, words and actions. I am guilty of deliberately doing wrong, and that my sins have separated me from the holy presence of God the Father, You God’s Son and the Holy Spirit.

I firmly believe that You died upon the Cross for my sins, bearing them in Your own body and suffering in my place the condemnation that I deserved. 

I have thoughtfully counted the cost of following You. I sincerely repent, turning from my past sins. I am willing to surrender to You as my Lord and Master. Help me not to be ashamed of You. 

I now come to You in the certain knowledge that You have been patiently knocking on the door of my life. I now open that door. Come in, Lord Jesus, and be my Saviour and Lord forever. Amen. 


1)     Tell somebody today what you have done.

2)     Do not be in any doubt that the Lord Jesus Christ has come into your life. Do not worry if you do not feel any different. His sure promise, not your fluctuating feelings, is to be the ground of your certainty.

3)     Join a Christian Fellowship such as this one. God does not intend us to live the Christian life alone. The worship of God, the study of His Word and Christian fellowship are a Christian duty.

4)     Maintain and develop your new friendship with Christ be disciplining yourself to have a regular time of Bible reading and prayer, every day if at all possible.  You will find this indispensable.

5)     As soon as you have found your feet, so to speak, begin to pray for someone else who does not know the Saviour. Pray for an opportunity to share the Good News of Salvation with them. After all, you cannot enjoy a monopoly of the Gospel. 


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